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  • 05 Jul

    New States Released

    We have released 7 new states: [New] Montana, [New] Louisiana, [New] Ohio, [New] Kansas, [New] Maryland, [New] Delaware,[New] Oregon.
  • 19 Oct

    New Rhode Island & New York Released!

    We finally decided to release today two new states: New Rhode Island & New York.

    Photos of the new states will be published soon.

    New 30% Coupon: NewStates30

  • 24 Sep

    Tracking Numbers Updated & Operations back to normal.

    We just posted about 500 tracking numbers to orders. We still have a few more thousand to go in orders to post which should be posted this week. We are sorry if you have had to wait so long but it was an unexpected problem and we have taken the necessary precautions so that it does not happen again in the future.

    All operations are back to normal now.

    If you do not have a tracking number in this batch posted expect is extremely soon. We are not behind on printing anyones IDs.

    Thanks for choosing us, we will always be reliable and try to give you as much information as we can.

  • 18 Mar

    Western Union Enabled Again With 15% off Coupon

    Western Union payment method is enabled again. Use "15WUONLY" coupon to get 15% off your order (WU Only)
  • 13 Oct

    Coupon Code for Western Union Only

    Today we have activated a new discount code to order our products. The code is valid only for Western Union orders.

    Code: 15WUONLY
    Discount: 15%

    This code will be valid until 10-23-2019

  • 13 Oct

    Updates regarding Tickets

    Last week we were forced to delete all tickets as we are about to release the new system to manage all your requests efficiently compared to the current one.

    The release is scheduled for next week and we will keep all current tickets.

    [20FRESH] 20% coupon is still active and for the time being it will continue to be so until there are no other communications about it