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Frequently Asked Questions

We set a stock so we can control the flow of work and keep up with demand. If the stock is at 0 it is possible you can still order. Please contact us to see about setting up a custom order or having us add more back to the stock.
For minimal browser issues during your order process we recommend using a clearnet browser. Our site works in TOR but there have been issues that have occurred from ordering in TOR. Any order issues resulting from a browser issue are not covered (signature not saving, DOB not saving, etc).
YES! Fill out the form completely and correctly. Fill out each form fully because what you submit will be what is printed on your ID. If you submit something incorrect or partial filled out I WILL NOT reprint your prop. The responsibility to double check the form for correctness is on you.
No! Please provide the FULL address you want on your ID. What you provide will be printed on it.
No! We ship to one address per order!
No. We ship domestic US only.
NO! Please double check your order before submitting. What is typed will be printed on the ID so make sure you following the direction carefully!
Then leave it blank! Do not enter anything in it's spot otherwise it will be printed on the ID. Make sure you fill out the form correctly as what you fill out will be used. You can not edit the form after submission.
Yes! All of our props pass basic and advance scanners! Each prop has a barcode encoded with each persons own info. Magstripe dumps vary by state but we do encode all magstripes as well. Please know we do not cover magstripe issues, only barcode issues.
The better a picture the better the fake. Find the best digital camera possible. Make sure the flash is on. Make sure you are against a completely blank wall (white is best). If you can, buy a blue poster to use as the picture backdrop. Wear dark color clothes for contrast. For women, have your hair done neat. Think DMV/Passport style photos. The photo MUST be chest up, not any lower, not any higher. We must have your chest/ shoulders and your head in the photo. And do not clip off the top of your head! After taking the photo, make sure NO SHADOWS are under your eyes, or on your face. Shadows are a dead give away. DMV photos use a direct flash right on your face, there should be NO SHADOWS. Finally make sure the photo is under 1 MB and in JPEG format. If not change it to JPEG and please use picresize found to resize your picture to under 1MB
Yes. Pictures will be photo-shopped and will have shadows added as needed. Poor quality pictures are not covered in reprints. Picture quality is very important and it is your responsibility to provide a quality photo.
Standard shipping is 2-3 days on average depending upon the area, delays are possible. Rush shipping is available for an additional charge. Undeliverable packages are not covered. One shipping address per group.
Reprints are not the same as duplicates. Duplicates must be purchased during the initial order and come at an extra cost. Reprints are copies reprinted at no cost for certain issues. Some issues warrant a reprint and others do not. Please submit a ticket so I can determine if your issue calls for a reprint or not. Please note, I will not issue reprints for photo quality or IDs bent in the mail. Also note, reprints must be requested within 1 week of shipment. Any requests made after this time line are subject to denial.
There is more money to be made providing a quality product long term than running a short term scam. So yes, WE ARE LEGIT. Now get to the order page and stop wasting time.
Yes! We offer rushed production for an extra 25% of the total. Production times vary but on average standard production is 1-2 weeks. Rush production Will put your order on top of the production list by having your order produced before all other orders (Or together with the next batch in production).
We only accept bitcoin so please do not ask if I am able to accept another form of payment. If you are unexperienced with BTC please do a search to familiarize yourself with the currency. I recommend using Libertyx (if one is near you) or (be aware of exchange rates) to purchase BTC. is also a good option but please note you will have an initial limit on how much you can buy. If you use Circle send the coins from that wallet to another wallet before paying to minimize your account being closed.
Yes, when you go to fill out your order information you will be able to sign whatever signature you would like on our signature pad! For best results we recommend a tablet and using a clear net browser. If your sig comes out unusable we will provide a custom signature rather than using a fake computer generated one.